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The "Housing Ladder" is broken.

The Economist reports that the private rental sector is still seen as a transition zone where people save for a mortgage deposit and then begin to climb the housing ladder. No more. "The ladder is deeply embedded into British thinking. On its most narrow definition, it is usually taken to mean the idea of first-time […]

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More and more young adults are having to live with their parents.

in 1980 nearly 50% of 18-34 year olds lived in their own home with their children. Today it is 20%. The dream of a home of your own for the young has become ever more distant. Not since 1876 have house prices been as expensive relative to earnings. Between 1910 and 1990 the average house […]

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“You have to save, and that’s the way it always used to be,” REALLY!

The Times 06/01/2024 Sir Howard Davies: Not that difficult to buy a home, says NatWest chair The Zoopla data suggests rent on new lets was 9.7% higher in October compared with a year earlier, averaging £1,201 a month.... the average cost of a new let going up by 31%, or £3,360 a year, over the […]

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Action on Empty Homes

Numbers of long-term empty homes rose yet again in 2023 by 12,556 (or 5%) to 261,189. Long-term empties are now at their highest level since 2011 (excepting 2020's pandemic-related data). This data shows empties are over 30% higher than when the last National Empty Homes Programme ended in 2015. In Swale 1 in 35 homes is out of use. Canterbury […]

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"Spending on affordable housing in England to be slashed in 2024"

This was the headline on a story in the Financial Times on 4th January. Housing associations have cut their planned spending on affordable homes by 9% "The number of homes English housing associations expect to build over the next five years has also dropped by 64,000 since 2022," The FT reports that in England, there […]

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Tenants left living in squalor in Britain as landlords escape heavy fines

Leading private providers of social housing in Britain have been made to pay out only a few hundred pounds on average in financial penalties for severely mistreating tenants, the Observer can reveal. An analysis of every decision made by the housing ombudsman, the primary regulator of social housing in Britain, shows that across the 2,907 rulings it […]

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England has ‘twice as many empty homes as families stuck in B&Bs’

There are 121,327 in short-term housing, while 261,189 homes are empty long-term, say Lib Dems The numbers of families without a permanent home and in short-term housing, whether hotels and B&Bs or temporary rental properties, has hit a record high this year, with the latest statistics showing it now affects 121,327 children, according to data […]

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The Pain and Anger of Generation Rent

No-fault evictions and a chronic shortage of rented accommodation are crippling our children. Listen to the Today Podcast Private rents are soaring, homes to rent are in steep decline, house building has stalled. No wonder young people are full of rage about their chances of getting onto the housing ladder. On this week’s podcast Amol […]

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 The Faversham Community Land Trust with a grant from Swale commissioned a Housing Needs Survey, from arc4 Faversham has a very large number of hidden homeless. Young people are unable to find accommodation that they can afford so that they can leave their parental home and live independently as adults, many are sofa surfing. Faversham couples are […]

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Planning representation: Multisave
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