Barnardo’s says the rise in ‘bed poverty’ reflects growing levels of destitution following soaring food or gas bills

More than 1 million children in UK sleep on floor or share bed, study finds

Barnardo’s says the rise in ‘bed poverty’ reflects growing levels of destitution following soaring food or gas bills

Patrick Butler

Fri 29 Sep 2023 08.00 BST

"More than a million children in the UK either sleep on the floor or share a bed with parents or siblings because their family cannot afford the “luxury” of replacing broken frames and mouldy linen, according to the children’s charity Barnardo’s.

The charity says increasing “bed poverty” reflects growing levels of destitution in which low-income families already struggling with soaring food or gas bills often find they are also unable to afford a comfortable night’s sleep.

Acute hardship was forcing families to adopt desperately improvised sleeping arrangements, it says in a report published on Friday. An estimated 700,000 children were sharing beds, while 440,000 children slept on the floor, leaving them tired, anxious and finding it hard to concentrate at school." more

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