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“You have to save, and that’s the way it always used to be,” REALLY!

The Times 06/01/2024 Sir Howard Davies: Not that difficult to buy a home, says NatWest chair The Zoopla data suggests rent on new lets was 9.7% higher in October compared with a year earlier, averaging £1,201 a month.... the average cost of a new let going up by 31%, or £3,360 a year, over the […]

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The English rental market isn’t just cracked, it’s falling down

New research from the property tax consultancy Cornerstone Tax finds that a staggering 19% of renters have had to move at least five times in five years through no fault of their own, because of rising rents or landlords selling up. You can pay your rent religiously on time, turn a blind eye to all the repairs […]

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Almost half of all low-income renters in the U.K. spend more than 40% of their income on housing

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No homes to rent for under £1,000/month in Faversham

Analysis by KentOnline reveals that in half of the county's towns, there are no houses available to rent for less than £1,000 per month. more Meanwhile, in some areas there aren't any available at all. One Kent MP has described the situation as "extremely concerning", while estate agents admit "there's very little around at sensible […]

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