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SE Faversham: Fact Checker

The Swale Planning Portal contains extensive documentation detailing the Duchy proposal. The Community Land Trust is working its way through the details, and this will take time. We will publish more in due course when our review and analysis are completed. This Fact Checker was produced by Stephen Atkins, formerly a chartered surveyor (planning and […]

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This is the Duchy's Vision

Rest assured that the FCLT will be "holding their feet to the fire" on the affordable homes. We are delighted to see the commitment to social rented homes.

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The Big Issue on Poundbury

There "are sub-£200k flats, with some available for shared ownership. One of the principles behind Poundbury is a mix of affordable homes alongside less affordable properties, and 35 per cent of the homes being built are affordable housing for rent, shared ownership or discounted sales. The Duchy also has a Discount to Open Market scheme […]

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The Green Position on the Local Housing Crisis

Hannah Temple published this on the Faversham Environmental Matters Facebook page. We wish to amplify here her report of the meeting and the Green Party's policies "Monday was a busy day! After the protest at County Hall in the morning it was my absolute pleasure to host a panel event on housing development at Painters […]

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Holiday lets – good and bad

Obviously, for those earning from holiday lets, they are good things. But as communities lose homes, schools, surgeries and libraries close, shops serve tourists rather than locals, and tourism businesses find it harder and more expensive to recruit staff. Communities are hollowed out as young people and families move away.

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Action on Empty Homes

Numbers of long-term empty homes rose yet again in 2023 by 12,556 (or 5%) to 261,189. Long-term empties are now at their highest level since 2011 (excepting 2020's pandemic-related data). This data shows empties are over 30% higher than when the last National Empty Homes Programme ended in 2015. In Swale 1 in 35 homes is out of use. Canterbury […]

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The Pain and Anger of Generation Rent

No-fault evictions and a chronic shortage of rented accommodation are crippling our children. Listen to the Today Podcast Private rents are soaring, homes to rent are in steep decline, house building has stalled. No wonder young people are full of rage about their chances of getting onto the housing ladder. On this week’s podcast Amol […]

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 The Faversham Community Land Trust with a grant from Swale commissioned a Housing Needs Survey, from arc4 Faversham has a very large number of hidden homeless. Young people are unable to find accommodation that they can afford so that they can leave their parental home and live independently as adults, many are sofa surfing. Faversham couples are […]

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Planning representation: Multisave
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Britain's Housing Stock

In 2021-22, there were 809,000 second homes owned by households in England, an increase of 13% or just under 100,000 homes on 2010-11. source In 2021, there were 26.4 million dwellings in England and Wales, which has increased by 8.4% since 2011 (24.4 million dwellings). This breaks down to 24.9 million dwellings in England and 1.5 million […]

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