Faversham’s Hidden Homeless

Our public meeting held on 14th July was well attended and we are looking to work with Citizen's Advice and the Foodbank to raise the issue of Faversham's Hidden Homeless

The Faversham Community Land Trust is campaigning to build 21st century locally affordable housing for Faversham families. Housing held in trust for this generation, our children and our children’s children. The selling off of council housing benefited those tenants who took the opportunity. But many of their children now depend on private landlords who subsequently bought the houses.

Where can you find help?
If you are homeless, you need to register with Swale. We know that many do not because it appears hopeless and it is a complicated process. However, the Housing Register is used to estimate homelessness in Swale. You can join the register if you have a household income of less than £30,000 for a 1 bedroom need, £40,000 for a 2 bedroom need, £50,000 for a 3 bedroom need and £60,000 for a 4 bedroom need or more; have capital of less than £50,000 and have lived in  Swale for the last 2 years.

A housing need includes being overcrowded where you are living now or needing to move due to medical or welfare reasons. If you qualify, please register. Faversham’s homeless are hidden. The FCLT is working to reveal just how many homeless people there are in our town. We need the evidence to support our campaign to help Faversham’s homeless.

The FCLT is planning to find a place where we can assist Faversham’s Hidden Homeless to register. Working with Citizen’s Advice, we’ll help you through the process. More details soon. 

If you are not on the register, you have no chance. If you are on the register, you have a  chance and you help us make a case for more locally affordable housing for local people.

  • Citizens Advice 
    They do still have an office in Faversham, in Stone Street.
    They can help with debt, benefits and housing with specialist advice for those that rent or are threatened with homelessness.
    Make contact through their Adviceline Freephone 0808 278 7979 or www.citizensadviceswale.uk

  • Faversham Foodbank
    Get Help
    The Foodbank uses a voucher referral scheme. For emergency food aid you can get a voucher from Citizens Advice, Age UK, Faversham Umbrella, West Faversham Community Association, the Salvation Army or Help Through Hardship 0808 208 2138 (free of charge from all telephone lines and mobiles)
    A foodbank voucher is exchanged for three days of emergency food and tailored to meet your needs. www.faversham.foodbank.org.uk/get-help/

Give Help: As the food crisis grows, the Faversham Foodbank is now giving out more food than it receives weekly, and stocks are running down. Donate in the supermarkets or donate cash online at www.faversham.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/

Use the BanktheFood app; download on iOs and Android to see what the Faversham Foodbanks needs

Please join us if you care about homelessness and have time and energy. You can contact us through our website www.fclt.org.uk  

Presentations made at the meeting

Faversham Foodbank
Ben Martin Housing Policy and Strategy
Citizens Advice

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