Land Trust Share

Land Trust Share


A single membership share in Faversham Community Land Trust



Faversham Community Land Trust Share

Persons under 18 may not be members.
• Members each have one vote at general meetings regardless of how many £1 shares they hold.
• Shares will never be worth more than I pay for them, and could even reduce in value and there will be no dividend payable to subscribers.
• By acquiring at least one share, I am signing up to the governing documents of the CLT and any Standing Orders in force.
• This is not a savings scheme and I may not get any, or all, of my money back should I ever ask for this in the future.
• If I wish to leave the CLT, I must apply in writing to the Secretary at the Registered Office.
• The shares are not backed by any compensation scheme or ombudsman.
• This application will be considered by the elected Board and may not be accepted; if not accepted, my money will be returned.

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Faversham  Community Land Trust is a Community Benefit Society Registration Number 8109
Registered Office: 12 Market Place, Faversham, Kent ME13 7AE | Email:
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