The Times view on Britain’s dire housing crisis: No Plan

In a leading article in The Times on November 9th the paper asserted that "Politicians must finally make the housing market a priority"

>Today, England has fewer homes per person than any other rich European country.

>young professionals on decent salaries find themselves unable to buy, forcing them to fallback on
an exploitative private rental market, or else confront the indignity of living with their parents well into their twenties and thirties.

>Teachers, emergency workers and police officers struggle to live close enough to twhere their services are needed.

>in 1968, 425,000 homes were built, over the past ten years the average number of new-builds has dropped to just 170,000 a year,

>house prices have soared by 200 per cent since 1970.

>Only 151,000 new homes will be built next year:

The Times asserts that the measures in the King's Speech on landlord and leasehold regulation"amount to little more than tinkering with the furniture on the deck of a sinking ship."

A remarkable letter from a banker and a campaigning NGO followed.~

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