Victory for campaigners against 'unaffordable' large new homes

FCLT director Steve Atkins explained: “Housebuilders have been building far too many larger homes in Faversham recently while building very few one- and two-beds.

“As a consequence of this prices have gone up, and they’ve become unaffordable. There’s a significant need for small housing around the town.

“Three-and-a-half thousand homes are proposed for Faversham, and hopefully this will mean developers will offer a balanced mix of houses.”

Papers show the company has now knocked the number of four- and five-bedroom properties from 31 down to 22, while the proportion of one- and two-bedroom homes has been bumped from 22 to 28.

When Mr Atkins first mounted his opposition to the plans, he branded the mix of housing put forward by the developer “unacceptable”.

“I thought it was excessive. This is a problem that’s been compounded on most of the sites in the town,” he added.

“There aren’t many people who are capable of buying many of these houses that are being built.”

A spokesman for Crest Nicholson says the firm decided to add more smaller homes to the project following consultations with FCLT and a meeting with Swale Borough Council.

“Following consultations with FCLT, we met with Swale Borough Council and agreed to revise the mix in order to provide smaller units to meet demand.

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